Is this Snail can make your face smooth and young?

face with snail

In our eyes, as we see crawling mollusks in a plants bath with mucus or oily spill from their body will makes us spit and turn away because we believe that it carries dirty fluid and bacteria, like the one that causes schistosomiasis and skin-borne diseases.

But here in France, one farmer, Louis-Marie Guedon, treated snail in a unique way by crawling them in your face to gain a youthful looks and smoother skin. Yes, the snail possesses properties or substances that will competes to those cosmetic products around the stores.

According to him, once the snail started moving around your face, the mucus secreted leaves a trail of collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics as well, and other compounds to regenerate cells and heal cuts.

There are many things a person can do to make smooth and glossy face in front of many people. The least you can do is to pamper with different brand of substances or chemicals either synthetic or natural in forms. Company uses advertisement of their products to reach out to individuals who want to make a pleasing aura as they possess a youthful look.

But now snails started competing in the voluminous market in Paris spreading in European Union down to South America and Asia. Guedon, who is engaging snail production for a quarter of century, sells 25 million baby snails in a year to prop-up increasing demands of the market outside France.