Thomas Suarez – Sixth Grader Apps Developer

This young apps developer shows unbelievable skills and talent at a pre-teen age unleashing the spirit of Steve Jobs alive, his idol. Thomas Suarez of Manhattan Beach, California is just a sixth grader invented his own apps called Earth Fortune, and the popular Bustin Jieber game where players crush the head of Justin Bieber.

He created the game Bustin Jieber because many of his friends in school don’t like Justin Bieber for a little.

This kid made a presentation at TEDxManhattanBeach in a move to follow the step of tech icon Steve Jobs where he draws inspiration, discussing about his love of computers since in his kindergarten years, his vision of the future.

Thomas Suareaz is not just an ordinary kid in his own age. The spirit of Steve Jobs resurrected in his style of presentation at a very young developer introducing his accomplishment in programming world of Silicon Valley. His iconic app called Earth Fortune came out in a big screen that is unbelievable creation at his delicate age.

His apps were suited for iOS devices in which he studied Apple’s SDK and Xcode. His love of Apple devices signify his motivation from Steve Jobs. He also attended some basic programmings such as Python, C, and Java. In school, he organized App Club where to educate young students in how to learn programming and developing an apps. Many of his schoolmates don’t know where to go and how to make a program. Through with App Club he can share of what he learned and imparts the knowledge of programming language.

His mission for App Club is to create an apps for iPad that is intended for education, which will be distributed to local school district, of course, free of charge. while it can be sold also to private individuals.

Organizing an App Club is not just his mission in life but he has also his own company called CarrotCorp. Well, this young kid started eclipsing his idol Steve Jobs who founded Apple Inc.