A woman and her vibrator got stuck in the bottom region

vibrator stuck in the bottom region

A woman and her boyfriend suddenly went to Kansas hospital for seeking medical attention when a woman complaints something a very discomfort happens in her bottom region. When ask by Dr. Roger Goldenberg, the attending physician, she answers that a vibrator was stuck in her urethra. At initial findings the physician was skeptical about urethra but firmly believes that it could be in vagina.

But the woman’s boyfriend added speculation that the action he gave to vibrator miscalculate the G-spot instead it went to urethra that where urine passes through. Somehow during sex, a pinky-sized vibrator slipped out of his finger and manages to slide in to another path.

After thorough examination in the pelvic table, the doubtful physician concluded the vibrator is now swimming at the bladder making that thing uncomfortable.

“I start performing the exam and the speculum starts vibrating in the hand,” he said. “You could feel it vibrating. I couldn’t believe it!” he said.

Wendy Goldenberg, an attending nurse in the Emergency Room points out that kidney stones — which are only 3 to 5 millimeters wide — are big enough to cause severe pain in that area.

“So to realize that a vibrator went up the urethra? That has got to be severely painful for the poor gal,” she said.