Sun’s Huge Dark Spot Emerge

sun huge dark spot

Sun’s huge dark spot
Credit:Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Sun’s solar activity recently posed a danger signs to living things on Earth as it shows a huge dark spot, almost a quarter size of the sun, spewing solar materials and gas outside the atmosphere.

The rare phenomenon occurrence of our very own star in the solar system provides a significant impact when it displays its dark properties, probably it will passed from one planet to another the effects of losing its light in the future. The signs could constitute a tired Sun’s spewing solar flare every second but this one almost gave up its activity and coping a signs that will lost its fire.

Once the Sun showing abnormal activity beyond from what we see, then hopefully it’s not yet the end of the world. Our plants shows greatness when sun started to show its light on the ground, animals dependent on it to survive. It’s a one way ticket to survive in our very own planet.

In the future, it will not only shows a quarter dark spot, hope it will not become a half dark spot or dominating the flare activity of the sun, because we will all going to die once the Sun started fading in our system.

That could be a bad news for us if we still live on Earth, the more dangers for the future generations.