Paul Mason – Unfriendly Flaps of Former World’s Fattest Man

Paul Mason, the former fattest man on earth, struggled to lose weight from half ton human to 200 kilograms after a gastric bypass operation in his stomach to neutralize his calories intake. But after fighting few years of losing fat in his body the present worries started to emerge were hanging bulging skin under his arms, legs and stomach that needs surgical operation. Those bizarre formations are the leftover flesh hanging in an unfriendly sight once scrape will completely manage him to have a normal life.

But NHS at Chichester Hospital who manages operation will not accept for those unfriendly flaps to be removed unless he reaches stable weight that is standard for having operation to push through. The removal needs cosmetic surgery and not anymore clinical in nature. Cosmetic surgery is not available automatically at Chichester Hospital.

Paul Mason was in pain during his younger years when his father died and later his mother deterioration of health started to succumb himself to food binge to fight depression. Later his eating disorder became a tough job to beat, and could be incurable. Doctor’s advice is for immediate gastric bypass operation to evade his life closer to death.

He captured the fattest man on earth when he reaches 500 kilograms but not happy of the recognition, and suffers emotionally as he takes his journey to drain fats in his body. He could not stand and walk and became a bed-bound for the rest of his life. There was a time that he needed medical attention due to hernia that a group of firefighters demolished his front wall and used fork lift truck to lift him out from his house and placed him in ambulance.