Crop circles in Germany the unexplained phenomenon

crop circles in germany

Mysterious crop circles in Germany perfectly formed into a wonderful shape that no one can ever surpassed of what technology was used to create this kind of masterpiece. Most of the visitors have one word in their mind: Aliens!

“This is a technology which we haven’t mastered yet,” one visitor told The Local. “They want to show us – we are here, we love you.”

Others believe the extraterrestrials have arrived, and they’re destroying the crops we use to make beer.

Some of them stated that there is no way could humans created this kind of art, not even the advance technology of its kind to eclipse this kind of masterpiece.

Farmer Christoph Huttner, who owns the wheat field near Weilheim, could not be reached for comment but told the news agency that sure he did not make the crop circles by himself but by the students in the summer holidays came to his field and may have cut the image with a 75-meter diameter (246 feet) in size.

Huttner says he’s not yet sure whether he will leave the circle in his field.

The news agency says thousands of visitors have come to sing, dance and even swing pendulums in the giant image.