John Lennon’s Tooth Auctioned

John Lennon if alive today, he could give all his teeth to fans for memory of him. But the famed singer of The Beatles did not know someday it will mark a prize catch for a preserved single tooth of him by his housekeeper of 40 years that end up in auction in England. The price of his tooth sells at about $31,200.

The tooth was expected to sell at $16,000 but it was unbelievable to note that dramatic increase almost double the selling price when auctioned takes place.

john lennon tooth

Credit: Omega Auction House

Dot Jarlett, the blessed housekeeper of John Lennon give his tooth to dispose it between estimated years in 1964 up to 1968. But later John changed up and told his housekeeper to keep it and give to her daughter as a gift for being a great fan of The Beatles.

John Lennon’s molar is too soft and fragile to check for DNA testing to confirm the reported right owner. But the owner of Omega Auction House who listed the tooth of John Lennon accepted it as no doubt when the tooth originated from Dot Jarlett.

It was reported that a Canadian dentist won during the bidding process but not yet confirmed the identity of the winner.