Magic Johnson HIV Positive: After 20 Years

No one could believe Magic Johnson retire from NBA at the height of his career in Lakers when he announced that he was infected with HIV, a virus that causes AIDS, showing himself with healthy body and glowing strength after twenty years from announcement that he has HIV. Magic Johnson still has the magic, and unbelievable!

HIV has became the detrimental to every person active life during 80’s and 90’s that brought death in later months or up to two years for a victim in dying. The news of spreading deadly virus became fearful that increasing the quantity of victims throughout the globe. We thought Magic will end that way, dying and end his life later in a funeral that marks him a famous name in sports succumbed to deadly virus in the planet.

magic johnson

Credit: AP Photo

But now after twenty years, Magic Johnson gone to different activities from business to charities he founded. Giving more radiant to his life, with his glowing face and bigger body, while others who were not a victim of HIV were dying of normal back ache and muscle sprain when the ageing process give way. At the age of 52, he lives like forever, strong and healthy.

Nowadays, many drug companies were involved for a breakthrough in medicines in how to deal with the deadly virus. You cannot say anymore that HIV is fearful and deadly. It can be controlled and prevented with drug companies discoveries how to stop the virus from spreading in the human body.