Laptop can Kill Sperms

A journal on Fertility and Sterility shows laptop with wifi connections when used by men can kill sperms.

Argentinean researchers put a drops of healthy sperms near the laptop downloading area. The results: quarter of the sperms has stopped swimming and 9 percent of the sperms has damaged dna. While another study a drop away from the computer only 14 percent of the affected sperms did not swim.


Source: Wikipedia

The culprit: electromagnetic radiation from the wireless internet. Although the study not yet officially conclusive but an indication of the study confirms the killing of sperms.

Another study published in the same journal where 29 men placed with temperature sensors in their scrotums while using laptop on their laps. The result after 10 to 15 minutes an increased of scrotum temperature that will damaged sperm production.

For maximum production of sperm, testicles need to be cool at least two to three degrees below body temperatures. When using laptop it can cause temperatures to rise by 2.5 degrees in one hour, according to the study.

According to lead urologist Dr. Yefim Sheynkin of the University of New York at Stony Brook, in order to defy the killing of sperm used desk, or else keep your legs apart. But be sure not to go beyond the 20 minutes duration because as the temperature rises the killing spree starts within without a warning.