Ogopogo Canadian’s Lochness Caught on Tape

Mysterious movement seen in the water of Canada believes to be the Canadian version of Loch Ness Monster of Scotland caught by amateur video. The giant sea monster known in Canada as Ogopogo found swimming near the shoreline shocking viewer that witness of floating monster in the sea.

A visitor of British Columbia Lake Okanagan created the video when he was mystified ripples of large quiet waters forming that caught it for 30 seconds. There was no wave forming but actually a movement of a dark below the surface create unparalleled waves.

Ogopogo, the Canadian version of Scotland Loch Ness, was said to be originated hundreds years ago from the native of Canadian Indian folklore which they called N’ha-a-tik. You cannot cross a river without offering to feed the monster to avoid attack or killed during fishing. The monster called Ogopogo is a sea serpent with 40 to 50 feet long.

Accounts of the sightings of Ogopogo have been reported thousands cases thorough the years, and recently, a marathon swimmer saw two Ogopogo swimming with him at times in 2000.

While Scotland monster called Loch Ness was already sighted 1500 years ago which is said to have leaped out of a lake to eat a farmer standing near. Since then the first account of sightings continue to increase for years through witness account and through public imagination. Still, the legend of the lake monster lives on through the years.