India’s Got Talent – Smashing with Mallets and Eating Fluorescent Lamps (don’t do this at home)

India’s Got Talent became a shocking talent shows when group of muscled individuals entered the stage started smashing each other with mallets and eating fluorescent lamps, and one individual lie-down flat in the floor only to be wheeled by running vehicles. The judges of the India’s Got Talent shows have no words to say but terrified. (scroll down to see the video)

Those group of young individuals are proud to show of what they are doing even at the end of their presentation where bloods are evidently oozing their bodies. They have done beyond the boundary the meaning of entertainment that brought shocking viewers in a very disturbing experience. For them what they have done is unique and no one could follow their fate.

They have introduced themselves to stage like a normal participants that judges started staring, and then later horrific stunts started to come-out one by one. The female judge was clearly seen scared and shock, and shout in a move to fight intense nerve cracking performances.

India Got TalentFaces of female judge shocking expression as she witness those horrible things going on at the stage.

India Got Talent Hammering the stomach using sharp objects.

India Got TalentThis one is being beaten-up by woods, lamps, and sticks.

India Got TalentThe action is to fall onto a file of fluorescent lamps with lights on.

India Got Talent
Lie flat with sharp nails behind the back in one of the bloodied face contestants.

India Got TalentThis one started hitting with mallet in the body that added shocking attraction.

India Got TalentThis where the adrenaline of tense start firings when one individual being lie down in the floor under the wheels of those running vehicles.