Norwegian artist ate his own hip bone

alexander selvik

Norwegian artist Alexander Selvik Wengshoel enjoying the best meal of his time, and that is eating his own hip bone. A glass of wine, a potato gratin, and a piece of meat from hip that makes himself a dinner when his girlfriend is out for work, a nice moment between him and his hip bone. Even consuming the flesh surrounds the bone because it tastes like wild sheep.

He also said the process of taking down on his hip flesh was therapeutic.

“The hipbone had been such a problem for me for over 20 years, and it was just a way of making it better again,” he said.

There are several accounts when human history has some graphic revelations when eating human flesh and how far they tasted.

In 2012, Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama was charged with indecent exposure after allegedly cooking and serving his own severed genitals to a group of cannibalistic diners who paid about $250 each for the privilege.

While Wengshoel stated the dish he served up tasted similar to “wild sheep,” other accounts of the taste of human flesh differ.

German cannibal and convicted killer Armin Meiwes said in 2007 that his human brethren tastes like pork, but “a little bit more bitter, stronger.”

And in the 1920s, journalist William Seabrook wrote that the human flesh he consumed while spending time with some cannibals in West Africa tasted like “good, fully developed veal.”