Top Three Countries for being Pollution Makers in 2010

Latest reports in harmful carbon emission was threatening such as from burning fossil fuels when the ever largest freak-out of the harmful gases in the environment takes place for the first time in 2010. The pollution maker top by China, followed by Unites States of America, and next by India.

China has released 212 million metric tons of carbon, while US has 59 million metric tons, and India with more 48 million metric tons. The other noted countries with significant contributions were Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan. Although other countries declined like Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Spain, New Zealand and Pakistan but those nations were uncommon. But much of European countries show moderate increase. And the rest shared by different places around the globe for a shocking total, for the first time, 512 million metric tons increased that will add catastrophic conditions in contribution to global warming.

The reported increased was shocking since the start of Industrial Revolution in 1571. Never had it happened in a single year to have that kind of release of pollution in the air.

global warming

credit: AFP