Arizona woman removed almost 50-pound tumor in her abdomen (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

almost 50 pound tumor

Arizona woman has 47.5 pounds of tumor removed from her abdomen that turns out to be life threatening surgical operation for ten hours. The tumor located in the muscles of the abdomen spreads to her kidney and gall bladder.

Marcey DiCaro noticed her growing belly in 2011 and felt short and growing pain. She had a scan in 2012 and discovered a growing tumor but she lacked health insurance to cover the expenses that surgical operation will not push through. In 2013, a hospital cancelled her scheduled operation because insurance would only pay for a small portion of the operation full costs.

Just recently in April 2014, operation went through with the help of President Barack Obama’s signature of healthcare reform law citing of a provision in the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

“If the tumor had been let go, it would have killed me,” DiCaro, of Tucson, said in a statement. “I’m happy to be going on walks and getting back in the pool and getting out and enjoying life.”