Sofya Dickson – a Spiderchild in the Making

You can see toddler playing in the field or climb a stairways. But you can not see Sofia like an average child. This three year old toddler can match what spiderman did in the movie. Sofya Dickson knows how to climb in a frame door with its height conquering how her feet pasted along the side without a struggle in her face, and say ‘I can doit! I can doit !’

She became a Youtube sensation when the video of her posted by her father Peter just in a week after his sister requested to watch her niece climbing the door. And now it reached to 275,000 hits across the globe.

sofya dickson

Sofya father’s Peter filmed her using smartphone when the young gymnast started sticking in the door frame with her two legs moving upward till her head reaching the top of the door frame.

He said: ‘Sofya taught herself to climb the door frame. She said she did it to be as tall as mummy and daddy but I suspect another reason was to try and reach the sweets which we hide on top of the fridge! I had a lot of comments saying I should take her to the local rock climbing centre, so I might give them a call and see if they would let a three-year-old through the door.’

This three year old toddler ability in climbing the door frame makes her an instant star. Many American televisions were requesting to have the 40 second clip to be broadcast, and an offer by a Californian marketing company to secure a commercial deals.   Sofya’s parents, Peter and Saziye were stunned of the public interest, who also have a nine-month old twin boys decided to donate money raised  by the footage to the charity Save the Children.

Her father says he has been stunned by the worldwide interest which includes requests from American television stations to broadcast the 40 second clip and an offer by a Californian marketing company to secure Sofya commercial deals. But Peter and his wife Saziye, 35, who also have nine-month-old twin boys, have decided to donate money raised by the footage to the charity Save the Children.

When asked about the reaction of Sofya regarding the worldwide sensation of the video, the toddler main concern was to let her friends in the nursery to be able to watch it.