Metallic Hair-Thin Pipes as the World Lightest Material

A web of metallic hair thin pipes became the lightest material known by mankind – less dense than air and 200 times lighter than styrofoam. It was invented by a team of researcher from University of California at Irvine, HRL Laboratories and the California Institute of Technology.

The metal can be seen sitting at the top of dandelion fluff without damaging or strangling the top of the flower in an unbelievable scene.

The discovery takes an inspiration from Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate Bridge which these structures are examples of light and strong for their size and by architectural design. It was found out that Eiffel Tower is much taller and lighter compares to Pyramids of Egypt. It was a breakthrough for modern buildings the same way to create by focusing on the structures of materials.

According to the lead scientist Tobias Schaedler their target is to revolutionize lightweight materials by adopting principles of architecture into their design. One of which is the aerospace station where it is important to have ultra-lightweight and design principles imposed.

“We’re envisioning applications in structural components, such as in aerospace,” Schaedler said. “Its energy-absorption capabilities might also make it useful for acoustic-, vibration- and shock-damping. We can control the architecture on the millimeter, micrometer and nanometer scales, to design materials with tailored properties for specific applications, if we want.”

The team of researchers also experimenting other kinds of materials such as diamond, polymers, and ceramics to make any architectural forms of a web of thin-film materials.

lightest material

Credit: REUTERS/Dan

Thomas Suarez – Sixth Grader Apps Developer

This young apps developer shows unbelievable skills and talent at a pre-teen age unleashing the spirit of Steve Jobs alive, his idol. Thomas Suarez of Manhattan Beach, California is just a sixth grader invented his own apps called Earth Fortune, and the popular Bustin Jieber game where players crush the head of Justin Bieber.

He created the game Bustin Jieber because many of his friends in school don’t like Justin Bieber for a little.

This kid made a presentation at TEDxManhattanBeach in a move to follow the step of tech icon Steve Jobs where he draws inspiration, discussing about his love of computers since in his kindergarten years, his vision of the future.

Thomas Suareaz is not just an ordinary kid in his own age. The spirit of Steve Jobs resurrected in his style of presentation at a very young developer introducing his accomplishment in programming world of Silicon Valley. His iconic app called Earth Fortune came out in a big screen that is unbelievable creation at his delicate age.

His apps were suited for iOS devices in which he studied Apple’s SDK and Xcode. His love of Apple devices signify his motivation from Steve Jobs. He also attended some basic programmings such as Python, C, and Java. In school, he organized App Club where to educate young students in how to learn programming and developing an apps. Many of his schoolmates don’t know where to go and how to make a program. Through with App Club he can share of what he learned and imparts the knowledge of programming language.

His mission for App Club is to create an apps for iPad that is intended for education, which will be distributed to local school district, of course, free of charge. while it can be sold also to private individuals.

Organizing an App Club is not just his mission in life but he has also his own company called CarrotCorp. Well, this young kid started eclipsing his idol Steve Jobs who founded Apple Inc.

Rhine River – This Photo is Worth $4.3 Million

We do believe photos are treasured in life that will put memories forever. The value are priceless even scratches and damages in a photograph that was taken cared for years.

But here the one in the news online was unbelievable when it hit the jackpot price for the most price photo of all the photos in the world. Price: $4.3 million.

photo rhine river

Credit: Christie's shows

The scene was a photographed by German artist Andrea Gursky located in Rhine river taken in 1999. When participated in the auction in Christie’s shows entitled “Rhein II”, it became the highest price photo of all time beating the previous topnotch “Untitled” of Cindy Sherman which fetched $3.8 million in May.

The photo “Rhein II”, the chromogenic color print face-mounted to acrylic glass has a pre-sale estimate between $2.5 million to $3.5 million. The winning buyer was not disclosed.

The multi-million photo of Gursky is one of the six edition photographs in which four are found in major museums which includes the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Modern in London.

It’s Official: Lolong is the Largest Crocodile in the World

National Geographic Channel representatives were surprise and unbelievable as what they saw when taking the measurement of the largest crocodile in the world in captivity which has a nicknamed called Lolong. It’s just like measuring a dinosaur still alive and roaming the Earth surface. Lolong measured 21 inches and 1 inch long beating Cassius the present New Guinness World Record holder from Australia which measures only 18 feet.

Lolong, now the largest crocodile in captivity was taken out from the largest marsh in the Philippines called Agusan Marsh. It was believes that Lolong responsible for eating a missing fisherman and several carabaos drifting Agusan Marsh.

Lolong became an instant celebrity and made world news after his captured on September 3, 2011 after a joint effort from local government unit and a team of experts from Palawan crocodile farms. But the group confirms that Lolong has a companion that is much larger from him and a plan is now in progress in taking the other one.

Bunawan Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde already set-up a tourism park for Lolong that will boost tourism activity in his town in support to demands of viewing public, and the local and international tourists who wants to witness the largest crocodile living in the planet.


Magic Johnson HIV Positive: After 20 Years

No one could believe Magic Johnson retire from NBA at the height of his career in Lakers when he announced that he was infected with HIV, a virus that causes AIDS, showing himself with healthy body and glowing strength after twenty years from announcement that he has HIV. Magic Johnson still has the magic, and unbelievable!

HIV has became the detrimental to every person active life during 80’s and 90’s that brought death in later months or up to two years for a victim in dying. The news of spreading deadly virus became fearful that increasing the quantity of victims throughout the globe. We thought Magic will end that way, dying and end his life later in a funeral that marks him a famous name in sports succumbed to deadly virus in the planet.

magic johnson

Credit: AP Photo

But now after twenty years, Magic Johnson gone to different activities from business to charities he founded. Giving more radiant to his life, with his glowing face and bigger body, while others who were not a victim of HIV were dying of normal back ache and muscle sprain when the ageing process give way. At the age of 52, he lives like forever, strong and healthy.

Nowadays, many drug companies were involved for a breakthrough in medicines in how to deal with the deadly virus. You cannot say anymore that HIV is fearful and deadly. It can be controlled and prevented with drug companies discoveries how to stop the virus from spreading in the human body.

John Lennon’s Tooth Auctioned

John Lennon if alive today, he could give all his teeth to fans for memory of him. But the famed singer of The Beatles did not know someday it will mark a prize catch for a preserved single tooth of him by his housekeeper of 40 years that end up in auction in England. The price of his tooth sells at about $31,200.

The tooth was expected to sell at $16,000 but it was unbelievable to note that dramatic increase almost double the selling price when auctioned takes place.

john lennon tooth

Credit: Omega Auction House

Dot Jarlett, the blessed housekeeper of John Lennon give his tooth to dispose it between estimated years in 1964 up to 1968. But later John changed up and told his housekeeper to keep it and give to her daughter as a gift for being a great fan of The Beatles.

John Lennon’s molar is too soft and fragile to check for DNA testing to confirm the reported right owner. But the owner of Omega Auction House who listed the tooth of John Lennon accepted it as no doubt when the tooth originated from Dot Jarlett.

It was reported that a Canadian dentist won during the bidding process but not yet confirmed the identity of the winner.

El Caminito Del Rey: Home of World’s Most Dangerous Path

Adrenaline trekkers are flocking to Spain’s El Caminito Del Rey which dubbed as most dangerous path in the world. The 110-year old path became the favorites for hair-raising adventurists want to experience the hell above 330-feet.

El Caminito Del Rey was built in 1905 also known as King’s Pathway for workers to travel between two hydroelectric power plants. In 2000, it was closed when two workers plunge to death when crossing the most dangerous path of the world.

Much of the one-meter wide walkway is in crumbling conditions due to rusting, gaping holes, no handrails and sections have completely smashed down. A makeshift wire attached only to the rock to give some slight degree of safety for walkers crossing the path. But for others they don’t give much attention to any safety equipment at all.

Witness them going the thrill of life in one mistake move: heaven or hell?

El Caminito Del Rey


El Caminito Del Rey


El Caminito Del Rey