Ogopogo Canadian’s Lochness Caught on Tape

Mysterious movement seen in the water of Canada believes to be the Canadian version of Loch Ness Monster of Scotland caught by amateur video. The giant sea monster known in Canada as Ogopogo found swimming near the shoreline shocking viewer that witness of floating monster in the sea.

A visitor of British Columbia Lake Okanagan created the video when he was mystified ripples of large quiet waters forming that caught it for 30 seconds. There was no wave forming but actually a movement of a dark below the surface create unparalleled waves.

Ogopogo, the Canadian version of Scotland Loch Ness, was said to be originated hundreds years ago from the native of Canadian Indian folklore which they called N’ha-a-tik. You cannot cross a river without offering to feed the monster to avoid attack or killed during fishing. The monster called Ogopogo is a sea serpent with 40 to 50 feet long.

Accounts of the sightings of Ogopogo have been reported thousands cases thorough the years, and recently, a marathon swimmer saw two Ogopogo swimming with him at times in 2000.

While Scotland monster called Loch Ness was already sighted 1500 years ago which is said to have leaped out of a lake to eat a farmer standing near. Since then the first account of sightings continue to increase for years through witness account and through public imagination. Still, the legend of the lake monster lives on through the years.

Cyclop Unborn Baby Shark

We believe stories from parents regarding cyclops living in a secluded place in forest or just a legend stories where giants and fairies struck in a wonderland. Now we tend to believe that they are real from the imaginations of story teller. Now, witness the real story of unborn shark with one eye at the forehead.

Fisherman Enrique Lucero León from Mexico able to discovered the unborn baby shark in the womb of its mother after getting out the fetus from the stomach. The 22-inch white shark with clearly one eye at the middle is rare phenomenon. No one could say the how it affects the development when the sea they are living is pollution free, or possibly, not the effects of climate change.

Maybe the ancestors came from something that live beyond our environment that cyclops has its own world under the sea. But the discovery makes science has its own explanation. Fetus with one-eye functioning result from congenital condition called cyclopia, which happens to several animal species which includes humans. Another sighted cause for abnormalities due lack of vitamin A.

cyclop unborn baby shark

Credit: National Geographic

cyclop unborn baby shark

Credit: National Geographic

cyclop unborn baby shark

Credit: National Geographic

Woman cut-off Husband Penis

A California woman Catherine Kieu, 48, cut-off her 60-year old husband’s penis after an argument in their residence. He tied her husband with nylon ropes after falling from sleep, and pulled down his pant then slicing begins with kitchen knife.

severed penis


She then went to kitchen putting the slice penis into the garbage disposal then turning it on mutilating the organ into small bits. She then called 911 to surrender herself.

She was then charged with one count each of torture and aggravated mayhem for causing great bodily injury. If convicted in court, Catherine faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Picnic Style in Kosovo

This is how fun begins in the middle of forested grassy area in Kosovo where men and their instruments play the sounds while singing, enjoying revelry with food and alcohol in a picnic style in Kosovo. But wait, drums are not bang. This picnic style for a big group of men not just an ordinary celebrations. They are fielding atmosphere with warm get together party in a one spirit of joy?

The Kosovans are now independent out from Serbia. But these group of men are doing where sky is the limit. Now they want it more – guns, ammunition, guitars, bottles and foods.