80-year old woman sitting in her favorite rocking chair during her entire wake

georgina chervony lloren sitting in her chair during her wake

An 80-year old woman from Puerto Rico was laid to rest but not in a coffin, instead of her favorite rocking chair through the whole duration of the wake. Georgina Chervony Lloren requested her children in that way when she dies, and peoples visited her in front of the funeral home as it seems like there was no dead lying down in a box but a special person sitting as part of the gathering. She was surrounded by plants and flowers.

Visitors and relatives gathered in front of her sitting in chairs as if Georgina came to life and sit beside them. Both her arms upholstered along the side of the rocking chair in which her right hand beneath a book was in placed like reading her favorite stories.

Her daughter, Miriam Chervony, said her mother specified that this was how she imagined her wake. She died Sunday.

The wake was held at Marin Funeral Home, which is well-known for putting on unusual, thematic wakes. At one wake, a slain boxer was memorialized standing in a makeshift boxing ring. At another, the deceased was propped up on his motorcycle.