Alien Ant Discovered in Central America

alien ant

Ants are good examples of colony that lives through the day. They maybe black or red deep down in your backyard.

But this one has a unique representation when it was viewed in a microscope because of fierce jaws bristling with sharp teeth whose eyes reduced to tiny points.

This is one of the newly species discovered in Central America that has an alien character. Its face resembles of the movie ‘Alien’ that shock moviegoers in the big screen.

A total of 33 previously unknown ant species have been discovered in Central America and the Caribbean. The nearly blind ants live in leaf litter and rotten logs in rainforests and are all quite tiny, each less than one-twelfth of an inch (2 millimeters) in length, according to new research.

Scientists named about one-third of the ants after Mayan deities, said Jack Longino, an entomologist at the University of Utah, in a statement from the school.

“The new species were found mostly in small patches of forest that remain in a largely agricultural landscape, highlighting the importance of forest conservation efforts in Central America,” Longino said. These crawling, chomping mini-beasts perform many vital roles in ecosystems, such as aerating soil and pollinating plants.

One of the newfound species, Eurhopalothrix zipacna, is named for a violent, crocodile-like Mayan demon, and is found in Guatemala and Honduras. Another, dubbed Eurhopalothrix xibalba, or “place of fear,” refers to the Mayan underworld; this ant is found from Honduras to Costa Rica.

Scientists have so far recorded about 15,000 species of antsworldwide, according to the statement. But there may be as many as 100,000 in total, said Longino, who has now discovered 131 new species of ants, the statement noted. Insects in the tropics have astonishing levels of diversity, studies have shown.

Sofya Dickson – a Spiderchild in the Making

You can see toddler playing in the field or climb a stairways. But you can not see Sofia like an average child. This three year old toddler can match what spiderman did in the movie. Sofya Dickson knows how to climb in a frame door with its height conquering how her feet pasted along the side without a struggle in her face, and say ‘I can doit! I can doit !’

She became a Youtube sensation when the video of her posted by her father Peter just in a week after his sister requested to watch her niece climbing the door. And now it reached to 275,000 hits across the globe.

sofya dickson

Sofya father’s Peter filmed her using smartphone when the young gymnast started sticking in the door frame with her two legs moving upward till her head reaching the top of the door frame.

He said: ‘Sofya taught herself to climb the door frame. She said she did it to be as tall as mummy and daddy but I suspect another reason was to try and reach the sweets which we hide on top of the fridge! I had a lot of comments saying I should take her to the local rock climbing centre, so I might give them a call and see if they would let a three-year-old through the door.’

This three year old toddler ability in climbing the door frame makes her an instant star. Many American televisions were requesting to have the 40 second clip to be broadcast, and an offer by a Californian marketing company to secure a commercial deals.   Sofya’s parents, Peter and Saziye were stunned of the public interest, who also have a nine-month old twin boys decided to donate money raised  by the footage to the charity Save the Children.

Her father says he has been stunned by the worldwide interest which includes requests from American television stations to broadcast the 40 second clip and an offer by a Californian marketing company to secure Sofya commercial deals. But Peter and his wife Saziye, 35, who also have nine-month-old twin boys, have decided to donate money raised by the footage to the charity Save the Children.

When asked about the reaction of Sofya regarding the worldwide sensation of the video, the toddler main concern was to let her friends in the nursery to be able to watch it.


Yu Yu: a Toddler with Feet Growing

Three year old Yu Yu suffers a rapid growing feet that force her walking without shoes or slippers. Those bizarre formation never stop growing while walking barefoot from day to day living. The same place where Li Hongfang lives, a mother with disfigured face.

Yu Yu’s feet are constantly swollen and heavy, making moving around extremely difficult. Her parents due to poverty could not afford to buy large shoes to protect her feet from sharp things outside.

yu yu feet


An x-ray result shows the deformity, which forces her feet to curve outwards. The toddler suffers from an undiagnosed condition which causes her feet to grow at an alarmingly rapid rate.

While walking along the road with holding hands of her grandmother, every step she makes will put her in pain.

yu yu feet


Despite of struggling to survive from poverty to make ends meet, her grandparents are slowly raising funds to take their little girl to the hospital for checking her conditions. They are planning to go to Beijing to seek medical assistance after collecting money from selling several pigs.

But as of this moment while waiting, little Yu Yu has no other way but walk barefoot along the way in her place Xi’an, in the Shaanxi Province of China.

Li Hongfang – Incredible Transformation of Disfigured Face

Li Hongfang, 40, a Chinese mother of two sons, living in Tianchao village, Qianxian county, in west China’s Shaanxi province admitted to shy away from public after 70 tumors started engulfed her face and thought herself a monster. But her husband loves her anyway despite of the horrible face.


But her amazing transformation back to normal life after a hospital offered a surgery for free.


Li Hongfang suffered a rare type of bone cancer causing tissue to grow under her skin distorting her features beyond recognition. She was forced to endure this type of condition called Chordoma for more than a decade for lack of money to pay hospital expenses.

But her case was recognized and touches the hearts around the world shaming the country’s ailing health services. In response, a hospital in Xi’an, capital of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province offered to carry out surgery for free which normally costs £60,000.

Tens of millions of Chinese people, particularly those living in the countryside, cannot access a doctor or afford treatment.

Officials are debating a programme which aims to provide health insurance for all its 1.3 billion people by 2020, but at present, the health system falls far behind the needs of those it is supposed to be treating.

Laptop can Kill Sperms

A journal on Fertility and Sterility shows laptop with wifi connections when used by men can kill sperms.

Argentinean researchers put a drops of healthy sperms near the laptop downloading area. The results: quarter of the sperms has stopped swimming and 9 percent of the sperms has damaged dna. While another study a drop away from the computer only 14 percent of the affected sperms did not swim.


Source: Wikipedia

The culprit: electromagnetic radiation from the wireless internet. Although the study not yet officially conclusive but an indication of the study confirms the killing of sperms.

Another study published in the same journal where 29 men placed with temperature sensors in their scrotums while using laptop on their laps. The result after 10 to 15 minutes an increased of scrotum temperature that will damaged sperm production.

For maximum production of sperm, testicles need to be cool at least two to three degrees below body temperatures. When using laptop it can cause temperatures to rise by 2.5 degrees in one hour, according to the study.

According to lead urologist Dr. Yefim Sheynkin of the University of New York at Stony Brook, in order to defy the killing of sperm used desk, or else keep your legs apart. But be sure not to go beyond the 20 minutes duration because as the temperature rises the killing spree starts within without a warning.

Moon’s Dust is Poisonous

Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong complains of undesirable effects affecting the skin, eyes and airways that could be related to exposure to the dust of the moon that stick into their space suits during their extravehicular activities and carried into their spacecraft. The findings could be terrible awakening for those dreaming the moon in the future.

apollo astronaut

Moon’s dust is composed of coated layer of thick and undisturbed dust not only ultra-fine which can be easily inhale but it could pose the risk of health problems, similar to breathing asbestos and volcanic ash.

Once inside the lungs the super-fine, sharp-edged lunar dust could health issues, affecting the respiratory and cardiovascular system, causing airway inflammation and increasing the risks of various cancers.

The sharp ‘regolith’ of the moon is also believed to be as sharp as glass, without years of erosion like on earth, causing skin and eye damage. And a scratched cornea, while perhaps just an irritant on Earth, could cause havoc on a space mission.

The dust -subjected to millenia of UV radiation, would penetrate deep into the lungs, and micro-gravity would only help in bringing the dust deep into the lungs.

Humans can only spent two to three days in the moon and that is living only in the spaceship with airtight suits. But with long term exposure even wearing protective gear could be harmful when inhalation because dust can easily stick and follow the astronauts back into the living quarter.

Dreaming the dramatic and lovely moonscape in the future will just end up in dreaming. Just look up and see the moon beautifully shines.

AIDS Vaccine in 2019?

aids logo

Credit: Reuters/Dadang Tri

After decades of search for AIDS vaccine, it was a sigh of relief for the victims and incoming victims when it was announced vaccine will be available comes 2019.

“We know the face of the enemy,” declared Dr. Barton Haynes, of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and recent director of the Center for HIV AIDS Vaccine Immunology (CHAVI). The research consortium was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), founded in 2005 by the National Institutes of Health to identify and overcome roadblocks in the design of vaccines for the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS.

In 1984, the HIV that causes AIDS became the most fearsome disease when brutally put victims to death in a deathbed waiting to die while dying. It was announced that after two years vaccine will becomes available. But the press conference by U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler in 1984 turns out a a failed expectations because of the virus availability to replicate into different strain and the availability of vaccine cast a cloud of doubt for those researchers.

HIV is a moving target, constantly spitting out slightly different versions of itself, with different strains affecting different populations around the world. The virus is especially pernicious since it attacks the immune system, the very mechanism the body needs to fight back. The ability of virus to replicate in another strain makes it difficult for scientist to discover vaccine for decades.

But a breakthrough in 2009 a clinical trial in Thailand involving 16,000 adults gives a hint that it is possible to prevent HIV infections in human using more powerful anti-bodies vaccines. Results of the study published in 2009 showed the vaccine combination cut HIV infections by 31.2 percent. According to Michael and many other experts, the result was not big enough to be considered effective, but its impact on researchers was huge, says Wayne Koff, chief scientific officer of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) based in New York.

Then a follow-up trial testing to beef-up versions of the vaccines among heterosexuals in South Africa and men who have sex with men in Thailand. A moves to fast-track the results to have a license vaccine in 2019.

A study published in February showed this vaccine protected monkeys from a virulent strain of HIV. Animals that did become infected after repeated exposure also had low levels of virus in their blood. Safety studies in human patients are just starting, with large-scale efficacy studies slated for 2016.

AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Thanks to the drug that control the virus for decades. Although, 34 million people are infected with HIV worldwide, and 2.7 million new infections in 2010 alone, still vaccine is the best solution in preventing the spread of virus.

The current crop of vaccines is largely designed to train immune system cells known as T-cells to recognize and kill cells already infected with HIV. While these trials progress, scientists are working on even more advanced vaccines that activate powerful antibodies to prevent HIV from infecting cells in the first place. Both would be administered before a person becomes exposed to the virus.

Aliens: a Close Encounter in Less Than 100 Years

Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, one of the leading physicists this century confirms aliens will be coming to our planet earth in less than 100 years. Warning all human beings – government must be ready.

Speaking at the Euroscience Open Forum conference in Dublin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell said: ‘I do suspect we are going to get signs of life elsewhere, maybe even intelligent life, within the next century.

extraterrestrialThe question is: are we ready to face extra-terrestrials? This is just the same story when Columbus landed in America that did not turn out well for the native Americans. When those aliens coming from more advance planet and getting everything when we met them in our way. All we have to do is may be surrender everything.

Previous research has shown that almost half of Britons believe in aliens, and a third of those questioned are trying to make contact and actively searching for aliens.

Scientists are divided whether we could advertise ourselves into the universe to inform other beings that we are in exists. Since this could put our planet the risk of invasion. They argue if those extra-terrestrials living in the universe has the technology to cross space then we end up nothing but giving-up our planet to them.

And Stephen Hawking has warned that aliens may plunder Earth for its resources.

Advocating that we do everything we can to avoid contact, he said: ‘We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.

V1647 Orionis: The Birth of a New Star

NASA discovered the birth of an infant star still envelope by clouds of birth as it approached into a new life outside like a process of a new born baby. The discovery brought a new insight and amazement among astronomers using a trio of orbiting X-ray telescopes where the star named V1647 Orionis started falling out from thick clouds.

V1647 Orionis the birth of a new star

V1647 Orionis, an infant star started coming out from powerful clouds of birth.

NASA, in the process became a midwife witnessing how a new born star that started with an intense magnetic fields resulting the fall out the torrents of gas into the stellar surface which composed a million of degrees of heat. The circle hot gases emerging from a flat surface of powerful clouds started to spin and separate. During outburst, the infant star released brighter image 100 times during x-ray emissions. It slowly became a newly-created star.

V1647 Orionis was first notice in January 2004 nearing the peak of its outburst. It was located in McNeil’s Nebula, a 1,300 light-years away from constellation Orion. The star when during eruptions became brightened and forms an illuminated conical patch of dust that became discoverable by NASA astronomers.

Kenji Hamaguchi, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the leading astronomers on the study quickly identified V1647 Orionis as a protostar which means have not yet developed the energy-generating capabilities like of a normal star, and not a million years old, so much younger from the rest of the existing stars.

The mass of V1647 Ori is likely only about 80 percent of the sun’s, but its low density bloats it to nearly five times the sun’s size. Infrared measurements show that most of the star’s surface has a temperature around 6,400 degrees Fahrenheit (3,500 C), or about a third cooler than the sun’s.

V1647 Orionis the birth of a new star

V1647 Orionis became discoverable during outburst in McNeil’s Nebula.

For the First Time – Habitable Earth-Like Planet Discovered

NASA Kepler Mission confirms for the first time – habitable Earth-like planet discovered. It has its own star just as smaller and cooler than our sun in which the discovered planet revolves. The planet identified as Kepler-22b located the same distance of its own sun-like star, like the Earth does as it moves around the sun. The unbelievable discovery prompting scientists to have a closer step in finding Earth-like planets.

Scientists has to determine yet the planet whether it is a dominated by rocks, gases of liquids. But according to a verified statistics and analysis, the location of the planet that is in habitable zone could lead to determine that water exists.

NASA confirms that planet Kepler-22b is much larger than our earth with 2.4 times its radius, and it will moves around its sun-like star for 290 days much closer to earth revolution. The planet sun-like star is the same class of our sun which belongs to G-type but much smaller and cooler.

The planet distance to Earth could be 600 light years away.

“This is a major milestone on the road to finding Earth’s twin,” said Douglas Hudgins, Kepler program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Kepler’s results continue to demonstrate the importance of NASA’s science missions, which aim to answer some of the biggest questions about our place in the universe.”

NASA Kepler Mission started announcing last year the discoveries of 1,094 new planets, and this dramatically increased in February 2011 for about 2,326 new planets discovered with an increase of 89 percent. Of these, 207 are approximately Earth-size, 680 are super Earth-size, 1,181 are Neptune-size, 203 are Jupiter-size and 55 are larger than Jupiter.

The findings of Earth-size planets and super Earth-size planets have increased by more than 200 and 140 percent since February, respectively. With the discovery of Earth-like planets, 54 are identified in ‘habitable zone’ which means could possible that life exist in another world. Planet Kepler-22b is the first proclaimed in the habitable zone.

Kepler is the first NASA mission to discovered Earth-like planets started full blast operation last year in finding closer the twin of our planet Earth.

Planet Keplerb22b

Credit: NASA

Planet Kepler-22b

Planet Kepler-22b

Credit: NASA

The planet position the same position of our very own planet Earth.

Paul Mason – Unfriendly Flaps of Former World’s Fattest Man

Paul Mason, the former fattest man on earth, struggled to lose weight from half ton human to 200 kilograms after a gastric bypass operation in his stomach to neutralize his calories intake. But after fighting few years of losing fat in his body the present worries started to emerge were hanging bulging skin under his arms, legs and stomach that needs surgical operation. Those bizarre formations are the leftover flesh hanging in an unfriendly sight once scrape will completely manage him to have a normal life.

But NHS at Chichester Hospital who manages operation will not accept for those unfriendly flaps to be removed unless he reaches stable weight that is standard for having operation to push through. The removal needs cosmetic surgery and not anymore clinical in nature. Cosmetic surgery is not available automatically at Chichester Hospital.

Paul Mason was in pain during his younger years when his father died and later his mother deterioration of health started to succumb himself to food binge to fight depression. Later his eating disorder became a tough job to beat, and could be incurable. Doctor’s advice is for immediate gastric bypass operation to evade his life closer to death.

He captured the fattest man on earth when he reaches 500 kilograms but not happy of the recognition, and suffers emotionally as he takes his journey to drain fats in his body. He could not stand and walk and became a bed-bound for the rest of his life. There was a time that he needed medical attention due to hernia that a group of firefighters demolished his front wall and used fork lift truck to lift him out from his house and placed him in ambulance.

India’s Got Talent – Smashing with Mallets and Eating Fluorescent Lamps (don’t do this at home)

India’s Got Talent became a shocking talent shows when group of muscled individuals entered the stage started smashing each other with mallets and eating fluorescent lamps, and one individual lie-down flat in the floor only to be wheeled by running vehicles. The judges of the India’s Got Talent shows have no words to say but terrified. (scroll down to see the video)

Those group of young individuals are proud to show of what they are doing even at the end of their presentation where bloods are evidently oozing their bodies. They have done beyond the boundary the meaning of entertainment that brought shocking viewers in a very disturbing experience. For them what they have done is unique and no one could follow their fate.

They have introduced themselves to stage like a normal participants that judges started staring, and then later horrific stunts started to come-out one by one. The female judge was clearly seen scared and shock, and shout in a move to fight intense nerve cracking performances.

India Got TalentFaces of female judge shocking expression as she witness those horrible things going on at the stage.

India Got Talent Hammering the stomach using sharp objects.

India Got TalentThis one is being beaten-up by woods, lamps, and sticks.

India Got TalentThe action is to fall onto a file of fluorescent lamps with lights on.

India Got Talent
Lie flat with sharp nails behind the back in one of the bloodied face contestants.

India Got TalentThis one started hitting with mallet in the body that added shocking attraction.

India Got TalentThis where the adrenaline of tense start firings when one individual being lie down in the floor under the wheels of those running vehicles.

Mitch Hunter – An Ex-Soldier Disfigured Face

Mitch Hunter, an ex-soldier destroyed her face after a car crash to save woman’s life, never regret the action he has done. This remind me of the movie “Mask” in 1985.

When the car he is in smashed into a 10,000 volt electrical pylon, he pushed the woman to get out from the car, and instead received thousands of volts of electricity in his body that severely damaged his face. He received 20 operations to patch-up those damaged skin in his whole body by getting some undamaged skin from his thigh and elsewhere in his body. But the result is shocking.

Within ten years of struggling damaged face, he was terrified of the adjustment he made in his life. Children were hiding at the back of their parents when seeing him along the streets walking for being scared witnessing disfigured face. Peoples staring at him as he passed by along the way.

The pain of being disassociated from normal life started hounding him. With the birth of his son, Clayton, he decided with his wife, Katarina, to undergo face transplant so that her son will not scared of him.

The marathon procedure was at stake. His operation was funded by US military at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. Days after his operation, he now started to feel the old form of his life. He can feel the kisses of his wife and the touch of his son in his face, he can smile, purse his lips and scrunch his eyes. The sensation started to life which he can feel hot and cold, and he can even grew a beard. His speech is rapidly improving.

Everyday of his life was totally improves and the nerves in his face coming back in normal operation. And most of all, his disfigure face getting back in its natural form.

mitch hunter


New life: Mitch Hunter sits with his son Clayton and wife Katarina following the amazing procedure to rebuilt his face and help him lead a more normal life.

mitch hunter


The 30-year-old, pictured left as a soldier before the accident which destroyed his face, was left with horrific injuries and needing skin grafts following a car crash in which he saved a woman’s life.

mitch hunter


Getting ready: Dr Donald Annino Jr, right, chats through the marathon procedure with Mr Hunter, left, before he goes under anaesthetic at the Boston hospital

mitch hunter


Transformation: Mitch, pictured during the documentary which followed his operation, said he can now feel the breeze on his face and his wife kiss.

Octopus Walked on Land

The video shows octopus who lives in the ocean manage how to deal in the land with his eight arms walking with muscles and strength in search for food at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. The scene was captured by a family members having vacation somewhere in the beach when spotted the octopus near the shoreline started crawling out from the water.

It was unusual and unbelievable scene where octopus actually a shy creature and a loner looking for a steep coral to hide itself from others to avoid being seen even on its fellow octopuses.

But this one has the courage to entertain visitors not just in the deepest sea but in the dry land as well.

The captured creature was seen lying low in water and started crawling out in the water when someone started taking the video. So the journey from swimmer to walkathoner begin in a single step, and determined his adventure on land will pass-out for a moment in time before he goes back to the sea.

Check out the video.

Alien Skull Found in Peru

A skull believes to be an alien was found in Peru by an anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme of Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco. The discovery termed it ‘non-human’ mummy turns out bizarre creature in existence not yet known by mankind. Alien head was almost the same length with the body. Its head was a triangular in shape and large enough to eclipse size of the body.

The remains is about 20 inches tall, and for the first time seeing the creature, you thought it a child’s body. But a bizarre distinction between a human child can be distinguished since skull and body formation are seen to be not normal.

And when Spanish and Russian doctors heard about the news from Peru, they came and examine the creature and have their own shocking findings:

“It has a non-human appearance because the head is triangular and big, almost the same size as the body. At first we believed it to be a child’s body until Spanish and Russian doctors came and confirmed that, yes, it’s an extraterrestrial being.”

alien skull from peru

Credit: RPP/Cesar Zapata

Believe to be an alien discovered in Peru.

alien skull from peru

Credit: RPP/Cesar Zapata

The creature was mummified, and it has the size of 20 inches tall.

alien skull from peru

RPP/Cesar Zapata

Its head was triangular in shape that almost the same size of the body.

alien skull from peru

RPP/Cesar Zapata

The discovered ‘non-human’ mummy thought to be as the body of a child.

alien skull from peru

RPP/Cesar Zapata

Another photo angle of believed to be an alien discovered in Peru.

alien skull from peru

RPP/Cesar Zapata

A bizarre creature discovered in Peru.