Genetically modified organism in human beings exist 17 years ago now in their teens

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source: Techcrunch

If you remember the movie ‘GATTACA’ in 1997, the same year that genetically modified organism in the form of human beings were born. Now, if you trace where the babies are, they have grown into teens as they are now in their seventeen years. The scene of experiments where 30 developed embryos were injected with third person genetic traits, which means a baby was born with technically has three parents.

Through the years, this genetic change has been in a hot button issue whether to continue or not creating a design for superior human race in the future. The experiments ended in a stalemate, and has been debated among scientists.

However, the original stand for these modifications is for parents has the option to pass or not on severe genetic diseases to their children. Parents with ‘genetic defects’ with the help of scientific intervention can put on hold the passing of bad genes from generation to generation.

As of this moment, still unclear whether all 30 babies grow healthy. The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS) at St Barnabas, participants of the experiment, finally began following up with at least 17 of the now teenagers earlier this year, according to the UK’s Independent. We’ve reached out to IRMS to get those follow up results but have not heard back yet.

Those 30 babies worldwide have been born by the technique, known as “cytoplasmic transfer”, including 17 infants at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre in New Jersey who, until now, have not been checked for any long-term health problems resulting from the technique.



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