Her eyes produce crystals seven times a day

eyes produce crystal

A young 12-year old Lebanese girl, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, produces crystal in her eyes that baffled medical experts. When you look at the video, it is weird enough to witness how she creates the crystal and fall from the eye. The crystal was sharp and hard enough to make a scratch in a wood or paper board but will not harm her eyes when came out.

We know that crystal can be seen in a cave that forms into stalagmites or stalactites. Some crystal discovered below the Earth surface that was hardened for thousand years. Diamonds are crystal and they are used for cutting mirror and other thickened glass. When you think of diamond, it is a priceless possession.

Every person has eyes produces liquid in form when you are in peak of emotions just like when you are in tears. But Hasnah produces crystal seven times in a day. And this strange phenomenon is yet to be explained with further tests and analysis to determine their composition.

Click to see the video:

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