Photo of a man showing his pose different from the mirror

creepy mirror image

A man was captured by his friend in a camera became a shocking revelation when his actual pose is different of what is found in the mirror. The man is sticking his left arm through his nose while on the mirror it shows that is resting on his chest. The camera shot was just an ordinary if you look at it, and shows no signs of photoshopped.

Eric Galang, the man who took the picture was shocked upon seeing it in the camera. While the man in the picture also stunned of what he saw and asking for a copy to send it for camera experts for an investigation, and even paranormal experts to know the real explanation of creepy picture.

According to Eric Galang, the photo was taken yesterday and the man in the said picture is the husband of his wife’s co-worker.

“Yesterday afternoon i took a photo of my wife’s co worker’s husband in their house and when I view the photos on my phone I was shocked to notice that he’s image on the mirror was different from what he was doing when I took the photo his hand movement is different as you can see his hand is in his mouth but in the mirror he was holding his chest…it creeps me out…it’s impossible.”

Other than looking for technical explanation behind the scary photo, paranormal explanation was never set aside as seen in the comments. Many netizens thought that the reason behind this unusual photo is due to the presence of ghosts and evil spirits residing in the mirror and in the house. Aside from the different gesture of the man from his image in the mirror, the people who got to observe the photo also saw other entities such as an old woman near the cabinet and demons on the refrigerator. Others also shared their creepy experience similar to this.
With this, Eric Galang seeks the help of paranormal experts. As of now, this photo still waits for the real answers why this happened.

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