Super-predator devoured a large great white shark

great white shark tagged

9-foot great white shark believes have been swallowed by another large predator a massive giant monster in the sea. Researchers have found out that the device tagged in a shark body to track shark’s activities in the deep of the ocean was washed-up in shore after four months. The device indicates that shark was travelling into a deeper ocean bed then suddenly, a rapid change of temperature from 46 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit surprise everyone and concludes that a shark was attacked by another giant creature and is now inside the stomach.

Researchers are now looking for a super predator that ate the 9-foot great white shark. But their findings focused much on the shark-on-shark attack when the giant one who is living in the deepest part of the ocean devouring stranger shark coming down to its own territory.

There have been previous instances of great white shark cannibalism. In 2009, for example, a 20-foot-long shark took a bite out of a smaller great white shark along the Queensland coast.

“That cannibal thing is what great whites do. They’ll eat anything, including their own kind,” shark expert Hugh Edwards told Channel 7 News in Australia.

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