Amazing island discovered in Saturn’s moon Titan

titan magic islands


It is only in the Solar System aside from the Earth that Saturn’s moon called Titan has rivers, lakes, and small seas. Titan Added much more wonder is the discovery of the amazing ‘magic island’ that started to appear when the icy northern hemisphere of the moon started to receive light from the sun as temperature change.

The appearance of the ‘magic islands’ in the lake of Ligeia Mare is one of the several spots emerging as researchers believes that could be a signs of warming that floating methane “icebergs” or such as waves or bubbles became evident. The same goes to Earth in how to respond to a changing season.

The liquid parts of the moon is composed of methane and ethane, and so unlike Earth is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

Titan has another features is the presence of dunes in the land due to wind-driven situation, and when the summer solstice comes there’s a possibility that a storm or cyclone will be existing in the surface as change of season became evident.

Researchers hope that Titan’s summer may brew up storms, as happens on Earth. “Now that we’re going into the summer solstice, we’re looking to find whatever active processes might be powered by the [sun],” study lead author Jason Hofgartner said.

“This is some of the best science ever to come out [of] Titan, and we still have three more years to make discoveries,” he said.

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