Urine can Grow another Set of Teeth in Your Mouth

teeth from urine

Those toothless individuals especially the old ones don’t need to worry anymore for losing your teeth forever because it will replace with new set of teeth that grown back in your gum.

Yes, a scientist discovered that human urine can make your toothless gum regrow a new set of teeth replacing those falling old teeth. It is not about putting your urine in a cup and draw a drink or bathing your gum with those salty liquid excreted from your body.

The real score is a team of scientists at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health decided to take inspiration from Duanqing Pei, a professor of stem cell biology at the research institute, took epithelial cells found in urine and converted them into teeth.

“We have a long-running interest in tooth formation,” Pei told ABC News. “We want to use somebody’s own cells to generate a tooth.” Pei added that if the cells came from somewhere else, they could be rejected by the host’s body.

Don’t expect your urine to just crystallize into a new set of dentures though. Pei and his colleagues needed to first convert the epithelial cells into induced pluripotent stem cells, iPS cells for short. iPS cells can be grown into many different types of tissues, and it’s those iPS cells that eventually turn into new teeth.

But stem cell technology became the center of controversy years before because it was involved with moral value by allowing cell generation with a touch from human hand instead of nature’s way of finding solution to physical change.

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