Octopus Walked on Land

The video shows octopus who lives in the ocean manage how to deal in the land with his eight arms walking with muscles and strength in search for food at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. The scene was captured by a family members having vacation somewhere in the beach when spotted the octopus near the shoreline started crawling out from the water.

It was unusual and unbelievable scene where octopus actually a shy creature and a loner looking for a steep coral to hide itself from others to avoid being seen even on its fellow octopuses.

But this one has the courage to entertain visitors not just in the deepest sea but in the dry land as well.

The captured creature was seen lying low in water and started crawling out in the water when someone started taking the video. So the journey from swimmer to walkathoner begin in a single step, and determined his adventure on land will pass-out for a moment in time before he goes back to the sea.

Check out the video.

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