It’s Official: Lolong is the Largest Crocodile in the World

National Geographic Channel representatives were surprise and unbelievable as what they saw when taking the measurement of the largest crocodile in the world in captivity which has a nicknamed called Lolong. It’s just like measuring a dinosaur still alive and roaming the Earth surface. Lolong measured 21 inches and 1 inch long beating Cassius the present New Guinness World Record holder from Australia which measures only 18 feet.

Lolong, now the largest crocodile in captivity was taken out from the largest marsh in the Philippines called Agusan Marsh. It was believes that Lolong responsible for eating a missing fisherman and several carabaos drifting Agusan Marsh.

Lolong became an instant celebrity and made world news after his captured on September 3, 2011 after a joint effort from local government unit and a team of experts from Palawan crocodile farms. But the group confirms that Lolong has a companion that is much larger from him and a plan is now in progress in taking the other one.

Bunawan Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde already set-up a tourism park for Lolong that will boost tourism activity in his town in support to demands of viewing public, and the local and international tourists who wants to witness the largest crocodile living in the planet.



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