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eyes produce crystal

Her eyes produce crystals seven times a day

A young 12-year old Lebanese girl, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, produces crystal in her eyes that baffled medical experts. When you look at the video, it is weird enough to witness how she creates the crystal and fall from the eye. The crystal was sharp and hard … Read Full Article

dwarf running fast

Running dwarf caught in video

Those friendly seven dwarfs are the main attraction of Snow White story that ends well. We do believe dwarfs are the end product of writer's imagination. But not in this video, it shows a dwarf running fast to avoid detection from anyone in the room. But the … Read Full Article

cabo de roca cliff

Couple falls from cliff after selfie photo

Couple falls from cliff after taking selfie photo as witnessed with their young children aged 5 and 6 in the Cabo de Roca mountain, a popular coastal tourists destination in Lisbon, Portugal for viewing oceans and waves. They plunged deep into the ravine for … Read Full Article

director frieden

Ebola virus, the fear and not to fear

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak in West Africa an international emergency, killing more than 900 people and spreading. That's scary and serious. But it also cries out for context. The outbreak began in Guinea in March before … Read Full Article

sinkhole in siberia

Mysterious Siberian sinkholes emerge

Large holes have been showing up in Siberia, and scientists believe weather is the cause: http://t.co/4mExye7BR9 pic.twitter.com/bix07TBEka— Sean Breslin (@Sean_Breslin) July 29, 2014 Mysterious three giant sinkholes in Siberia emerge from one place … Read Full Article

buzz aldrin in the moon

Buzz Aldrin sees UFO en route to the moon

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon, talks about not just about the success of Apollo 11 mission 45 years ago but he elaborated more on the unidentified flying object that is flying side by side of the spacecraft during their successful space … Read Full Article

UFO crashed in china

UFO crashed in China’s Heilongjiang province

Residents from Heilongjiang province of China reported that three UFO has crashed from the sky in Friday morning making a ball of fire from the sky with a huge piercing sound and landed in a vegetable garden owned by one of the residents. When one villager … Read Full Article